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1972 Sprite Cadet 10 Pre-Owned

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Details: Vintage Van.

I have a vintage Cadet 10 caravan that I was hoping to restore, but due to bad health I am no longer able to even start the restoration. There is some work to be done, so I will be as honest as possible. There is a broken window that I have patched as a temporary measure, but it is keeping the rain out so it is doing it's job. The cushions are dirty as the person I had it from kept her dog in the van over last Winter, but it has been cleaned well and looks a lot better.
It still has the gas light fitting and the hob too is gas. Electricity has been installed into the van and has plug sockets ready to use.
In the both back corners the wall has rotted a little, but not from damp, the whole van is water proof.

The van is in it's original condition, nothing has been restored and I have been told that the window would be easy enough to replace, but I am sure you all would know more about that than myself as it was going to be my first restoration.
We are in Herefordshire and have no tor hitch on our current car so buyer would have to collect.
I am open to sensible offers, so if you are interested, give me a shout, I am looking to have it sold sooner rather than later, but after researching the Internet I also know it's estimate value, but as I say, I am open to offers.

I am advertising this van on several other sites and may eventually put it on ebay if there are no responses.

Hope to hear from you soon


TYPE Caravan
Berths: 2 Berths
Color: white and sage
Axles: Single Axle

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